About us

About us

Mendoza Wine Tours and Travel is the name of the Wine Tourism Department of Martur Empresa de Viajes y Turismo (Leg.11.884).

We specialize in offering wine tours, guided visits to wineries and vineyards, and a wide and attractive variety of excursions and tours along the Wine Routes of Mendoza, which will satisfy the diverse preferences of our passengers.


We are one of the pioneers in wine tourism. We have been working continuously, professionally and with commitment since the year 2003.

Our stylish and quality operations have made it possible for us to receive various distinctions of local and national tourism entities, and awards from wine growing organizations. However, what comforts us more and continues to stimulate our work is the satisfaction of our visitors.

Mendoza Wine Tours and Travel offers a wide range of tours, some exclusively featuring the wonderful wine culture, others that combine the enchantment of wine with the adrenalin of adventure tourism, and there are special programs that fuse the Wine Trails with the serenity which can only be found in a wine lodge or a spa.

Mendoza Wine Routes

Our business alliances with the most prestigious hotels and wine lodges guarantee that you can stay in your desired location.

A modern fleet of vehicles for the tours, as well as all the necessary equipment for the safe practice of adventure tourism, are available for you to enjoy a once in a lifetime wine tourism experience.

Highly qualified personnel to assist in the search for the program you want and expert guides specialized in wine, adventure and local culture will accompany you during your visit to our land.

Wineries and wines of Mendoza Argentina

All of us who are part of Mendoza Wine Tours are Travel feel proud of our talented work team and are happy to be recognized as the undisputed leaders of wine tourism in Mendoza.

We hope with great enthusiasm to receive you during your next vacation.

Mendoza, Wines and the Andes Mountains


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Mendoza Wine Tours and Travel

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