Reasons to choose us

Some of the reasons our visitors choose us

Experience and high quality of service

Mendoza Wine Tours and Travel, a tour agency for wine, wineries and vineyards in Mendoza occupies a place of leadership in wine tourism for the province.

Our service is defined by quality and excellence. We are committed to working in wine tourism providing professional services to our visitors.

Currently, we are in the process of IRAM-SECTUR Standards certification, which makes us the only company in Mendoza doing so. Once finalized, we will be one of only 20 select companies in all of Argentina that has this accreditation.

Over the years we have perfected the tours and adapted them to the tastes and preferences of our guests.

Our premise and one of the aspects that distinguish us is the high quality of our customer care. We maintain that the small details transform a simple wine tour into a ‘great wine tour’.

We work daily to ensure these tours do not become just ‘one more tour’; instead, we try to fulfill all your expectations so it becomes a truly beautiful and lasting memory.

We are not interested in becoming the type of company that receives such a massive quantity of tourists that it prevents them from helping visitors in the way they deserve.
On the contrary, our goal from the start has been to make our guests feel like they are family, allowing us to truly be good hosts.


Tour Planning

All of the tours that we offer have been carefully organized and are supervised by a multidisciplinary team that includes famous sommeliers, tourism professionals and adventure tourism staff.


Operating Base in Mendoza

Our office and base of operations is located in Mendoza city.
We are right on the Sarmiento Promenade, right in downtown Mendoza, only meters away from Plaza Independencia, the most important and prominent reference point in the city.

Since we are Mendocineans, we know the land like the back of our hand. You will enjoy the most salient features of every destination we visit.

Tusismo de Vinos Mendoza


Rigorous Quality Control

We are in permanent contact and constantly perform quality controls for each one of the services that make up our wine tours.
We work directly with the wineries, hotels, lodges, spa, adventure tourism providers and all of the services involved in the tour you select to guarantee you feel, and are, well cared for.

Our wine specialist guides and sommeliers are constantly completing refresher courses in order to offer our guests the most complete and up to date information about the wines being produced in Mendoza and the rest of the wine producing regions in Argentina.

Our booking staff is always supervised to make sure responses to queries are answered quickly so that our future visitors do not have to wait long to receive the requested information.


Responsible Tourism

We are deeply committed to caring for and protecting the environment. We place a special importance on the staff as well as our visitors respecting and preserving nature and contributing to the care of the tour sites whether it is in Mendoza city, a winery, a vineyard, or on a mountain.

We ask our visitors from other countries to be respectful of the local culture, accepting the customs and traditions that characterize us and make us unique.


Passion for what we do

We at MWTAT enjoy our work. We do so with enthusiasm and passion.
We strongly believe that the joy with which we work is transmitted to our visitors


Authorization from the Secretary of National Tourism (Secretaría de Turismo de la Nación)

We adhere to every single requisite that the Secretary of National Tourism puts forth. We are registered in the Secretary of National Tourism as Martur EVT (Travel and Tourism Agency, under file N# 11.884.


Small group size to guarantee the tours are fully enjoyed

All our shared tours are planned for small groups, with a maximum of 8 people, allowing us to give each of our visitors their due attention.

We think that all tours with more than 8 people are large group tours.
With small groups, the guides can attend to the needs and inquiries of the guests that form the tour.

Our mission statement allows us to get to know our guests personally, and dedicate care and attention to details to each one, which is something we are well known for.

The only large group tours that we organize are upon request and private for companies, groups of friends or family, etc., who normally choose us to organize their wine tours.


Rutas del Vino Mendoza Argentina


The vehicles

The vehicles that transport our visitors are registered for the transport of passengers by the Department of Roads and Transportation for the Province of Mendoza, fulfilling all the technical requirements (periodically evaluated), as well as handling the details of comfort.


The guides

The guides have many years of expertise in wine tourism, the culture of Mendoza, or adventure tourism in the tours that combine wine and adventure; we are always committed to sharing our knowledge with our guests so that the visit will be a great experience.

We are proud of them, as they are a very important part of our success.


Simple booking system

We offer a simple booking system and rapid confirmation of the requested services. We want your vacation to start the moment you contact us.

Selection of Accommodations

The hotels and lodges you can choose from are the result of a careful selection that guarantees that the days you spend visiting us will be enjoyed in the most comfortable establishments.
We have taken into account the customer service and the best locations along the wine roads.


Optional Tours available

We offer many tours that can be taken during the downtimes if you prefer. We also can organize a tour according to your tastes and preferences and assessed by our staff.


Original and varied tours

We offer very original tours.

You will find that we have a large variety of options for wine lovers in our selections.
Each one has been planned to heed the multiple tastes and preferences of our guests.
We offer half-day wine tours, full day, or multi-day programs that visit the best destinations.

Some will tour wineries and vineyards in different wine producing regions of Mendoza; others will combine wine tours with spa relaxation, or gastronomy, adventure or Andes Mountain Range tours.
The options are varied but you will always be able to enjoy an excellent wine tasting of fantastic wines.


Special Tours

We offer special tours to enjoy the wine harvest in Mendoza and the Classical Music on the Wine Roads during Holy Week.


These are just some of the reasons that Mendoza Wine Tours and Travel became one of the best options for your wine tour years ago.

The rest of the reasons you will get to know personally when you visit us …


We have a lot to offer when it comes to quality, warmth, and the guarantee that you will take the best memories of Mendoza back with you.

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