Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Transport

Who will greet us upon arrival?
The personnel from our company will be waiting for you at the Mendoza City Airport or Bus Terminal with a company sign showing your first and last name on it in order to transfer you to the hotel or lodge you selected for your stay.


Where will pick up be for the excursions?
If you booked a hotel or lodge through us, we will pick you up there.
In the case that you personally booked a hotel, lodge or apartment for your stay, these must be located within a central radius or within the established area for transfers.
If this is the case, we suggest that you send us an email informing us of where you will be staying so that we can provide you with further details.



Regarding Hotels and Lodges along the Wine Road

Are there other hotels in addition to those published?
Yes. In Mendoza there are a large quantity of hotels.
The ones we have included are the result of a carefully selected group that takes some fundamental elements into account such as customer service, quality of service and location.
Still, if you wish to stay in some other establishment that is not on the list, please let us know and if possible we will make the corresponding reservation.


Why don’t the tours include lodging in the price?
We don’t include the cost of lodging in our tours, among other reasons, because some of our visitors are clients of certain hotel chains and reserve them on their own. Also, we do this in order to give you the option to reserve any lodging you please, if you prefer.
In any case, we still offer the option to take care of your booking for you and any required payments that are requested by each establishment at the time of confirmation. So if you prefer our staff undertakes this task, you just have to request it on the reservation form.
This way, when you arrive in Mendoza, you will already have all the necessary services reserved.


Can I extend the length of a stay in a package if I wish to stay longer in Mendoza?
Yes, please contact our Customer Service staff or visit our office to make the corresponding reservation.

Tusismo de Vinos Mendoza


Regarding the Wineries along the Wine Roads

Do the tours always include the same wineries?
The wineries visited aren’t always the same. However we can tell you that we enjoy personalizing our tours in accordance to the preferences of our passengers. That is why it is important to contact us with anticipation if there is a certain winery you would like to visit. If it is available on the day of the tour, we will be pleased to visit it. For more details we suggest you read “Shared, Private or Premium Tours” which you will find at the bottom of this page.


Is it possible to find out ahead of time which wineries we’ll visit?
Not usually, if you book a shared tour. The wineries might have special events, or have full visitor occupancy for a certain day, or the visiting hours might not coincide with the agenda we have planned for the day.
However we do have an approximate idea and are happy to share this information with you.


Can we select the wineries ourselves?
If you book a Private tour or Premium Tour we will be pleased to visit whichever wineries you select that are included within the Winery options that have been chosen by our staff, provided that they can receive us that day.
If any of them have an event or full visitor occupancy, our staff will be in charge of finding a winery with similar characteristics.
In the case of a Shared Tours and Special Tours where you will travel with other people, we will try to take into account your preferences.
In Personalized Tours you have the freedom to choose whichever wineries you please.


How many wineries will we visit?
The quantity of wineries depends on the tour. In the itinerary of each program this information is listed.


How much time will be spent in each winery?
There isn’t a set schedule. Some winery tours require more time than others. The average time is one hour in each winery.
You would stay even longer when lunch in the winery is included in the tour.



Regarding Meals

What type of food is served in the programs that include lunch?
According to which tour you book and what lunch includes, the menu may vary between gourmet meals, regional specialties, or picnics.
If you would like more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Do you offer a vegetarian and/or gluten-free (Celiac) option?
Yes, in the case of a special diet, when you send us your reservation form you should include this information so we can make all necessary arrangements with the restaurants.


What beverages are included at lunch?
For the lunches held at wineries, different varietals or blends of wine from the winery will be included. Some wineries also include water and/or coffee.



Regarding Wine and Wine Tastings in Wineries

Is there a fee for the wine tastings at the wineries?
Our programs include the cost of the wine tasting of the varietals for each winery.
In the case of additional or superior wine tastings, these can be paid for directly in the winery.


Can I buy wine at the wineries?
Yes, all the wineries have a wine shop where you can obtain the wine of your preference.

Rutas del Vino Mendoza Argentina


General Questions

What is the minimum number of people necessary to have a tour?
On shared tours, the minimum to have the tour is two (2) people.
On the private tours there is no required minimum, or in other words, if we only have one person, we will still organize the tour of choice.


Are there age restrictions to go on a wine tour?
Minors under 18 years of age can participate in the tours, visit the wineries, vineyards and get to know the production process of the wines, but they can’t participate in the wine tastings.


What equipment is provided for the tours that include adventure tourism?
On each Wine and Adventure Tourism Tour, the equipment expected for each activity is listed under the item ‘Included Services’.


What type of vehicles will we travel in for excursions?
We have a wide range of modern vehicles to use for the tours. According to the number of people that will participate in the excursion, we will provide town cars, mini-vans or mini-buses.


How much should we tip?
Gratuities are not included in the cost of the tours. In any case we still want you to know that they are optional and a set percentage does not exist here. Feel free to leave whatever you consider fair and just.


What should I do to reserve a Wine Tour?
Please look at the link ‘How do I reserve my tour?’, where you will find detailed and precise information about the required steps.


Can I book my excursion when I arrive in Mendoza?
Yes, this is possible for half-day tours and full day tours, although we suggest doing it ahead of time through our website. Some tours are in high demand and what could happen is when you arrive in Mendoza they might be fully booked already.
In any event, if you need to make a reservation upon arrival in Mendoza for some special reason, we suggest that you send an e-mail first, to establish your name and quantity of people, the tour you’re interested in, and the start date, so that we can give you priority in the event of a waiting list.
When you arrive in Mendoza, please contact us by telephone or visit our office no less than 24 hours prior to the start of the selected tour.


Do you offer group rates?
Yes, we offer group rates and discounts. Please list by email the number of people who will accompany you and our Customer Service staff will contact you to send you the corresponding information.


How will I receive my reservation confirmation?
Once you have completed the requirements to confirm the reservation (please visit the section “How do I reserve my Wine Tour?”), you will receive confirmation by e-mail with instructions about your arrival in Mendoza, (Hotel/Lodge Address and telephone, contact numbers, etc.).
In the event that you booked lodging through us, you will also receive an electronic voucher to present at the time of check-in.


Can you give me a contact number for when I arrive in Mendoza?
Yes, our contact phone numbers will be included in the arrival instructions.


What should I present when I check-in to the selected hotel or for the excursions?
You should present your passport or DNI (or other National Identification Card) to establish your identity and the voucher that you will receive by email.


If I cancel the tour that I booked, what are the fees or payments?
Please go to the link “Terms and Conditions”, located at the bottom of our home page, to obtain all the corresponding information.


What languages are the tours given in?
All are tours are conducted in one language. In the Shared Tours you can choose whether you prefer Spanish, English or Portuguese. Please include this information on the reservation form.
Our Private and Premium Tours have additional language options (please consult).


Do you have other tours besides those published?
Yes, we have other wine tours and we also offer excursions that allow you to visit the best sights in the Province of Mendoza and a wide variety of adventure tourism excursions. Please click here to contact us and let us know about your tastes and preferences. Our Customer Service staff will send you proposals that best fit what you’re looking for.


Caminos del Vino Mendoza Argentina

Shared, Private or Premium Service Tours

What difference is there between Shared, Private and Premium Tours?
First we want to inform you that all our tours have been fully designed and organized by our staff some of which are sommeliers and personnel specialized in the tourism and culture of Mendoza.

For the Shared Wine Tours, whether they are half-day or full day, they have approximate start and finish times that can’t be changed.
Other people participate who have booked the same service and have an itinerary that can’t be changed.
The groups can be up to 6-8 people, maximum.
Depending on the case, the tour/s could have fixed days of departure.
These tours are carried out by a wine specialist guide.
The tastings belong to the Traditional line of each winery.


Meanwhile, the Private Wine Tours, whether they are half-day, full day or multi-day, don’t have a particular starting time but rather it depends on the preferences of our visitors.
Whoever books these tours has the option to choose a selection of wineries that have been organized by our team of Sommeliers. These tours are carried out by a wine specialist guide.
The tastings belong to the Middle Line of each winery to be visited.


Finally, the Premium Wine Tour has a starting time that is to be agreed upon by the guests, who will receive our suggestions based on our experience with the tour they booked.


The finishing time is more flexible.
Whoever books these tours has the option to choose a selection of wineries that have been organized by our team of Sommeliers.

These tours are carried out by a guide-sommelier specialized in wines from Mendoza and Argentina.
The tastings belong to the Superior Line of each winery to be visited.
These tours include a farewell dinner at a renowned restaurant in Mendoza.


Can I do the same tour planned for groups, privately?
Yes, please write us with details of your preferences and we will reply briefly.


Can’t find the information you need?
Please click hereto contact us.

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